The G-spot in men and women: how to find it and enjoy it

The G-spot is an eternal mystery. Once you find her and stimulate her, sex should produce the most mind-blowing orgasms. But is there something in it? How to find and stimulate the G-spot?

For a long time, the G-spot was considered a myth. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered that a woman's pleasure center exists, but it's more of an area than a single point.

The "G" stands for "Graefenberg", or rather the name of the German doctor Ernst Graefenberg, who discovered a particularly erogenous zone in the vagina in 1950 and described it in an article. The G-spot is therefore also known as the Grafenberg zone or, for short, the G-zone.

In science, the existence of the G-zone is controversial. But even if the Grefenberg zone is just a sexual myth: the place where it should be is somehow very erogenous.

Where is the G-spot? Now it gets a little more difficult. Because the G-spot is not so easy to find. According to Grefenberg, the erogenous zone is located in the anterior wall of the vagina, along the urethra. The location of the G-spot is about five centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. It has a diameter of about two centimeters and the shape of a slightly flattened hemisphere. There should be a hole in the middle.

How to stimulate the G zone? Lie comfortably on your back and put a pillow under your buttocks - it will be easier to get to the erogenous zone. The G-spot is best found when it is already swollen with excitement. In other words, you can't just touch with your fingers. Indulge in foreplay and when you're about to cum, the G-spot kicks in.

Your lover can stimulate the G-spot with his fingers or his penis. The frequency of penis strokes is higher, but with the right dexterity and massage technique, only real manual labor leads to ecstatic lust. Thus, it is possible to modify the intensity of the pressure on the G-spot.

The massage is particularly effective when the finger is bent into the vagina, like a "come hither" motion. Start slow and gentle, then increase, then alternate between stronger and weaker pressure - it drives every woman crazy!

How to find the G-spot in women?

female g spot location

When it comes to female orgasms, many think directly of the legendary "G-spot. Any woman or man can find the G-spot if they know where.

Even light pressure on the G-spot is very exciting and pleasant. Some women like quick movements, others like hard pressure.

If finding the G-spot is no longer a problem (you'll notice the strawberry fabric) but you're not very interested in it, then that's not abnormal!

At first, many women don't feel their G-spot as much. In fact, some feel like it's like any other part of the vagina, and many women don't think that G-spot can help them. to achieve orgasm in any way.

Some surgeons take advantage of this and sell surgeries that insert the G-spot (also called "G-Shot"). Adipose tissue is injected under the G-zone. This enlarges the G-zone and thus further stimulates the G-spot.

You can do your G-spot naturally. The magic word is pelvic floor training! Instead of operating yourself, train the so-called PC muscles. Due to this, the G-spot is stimulated more during sex, and it is also supplied with even better blood, which also increases the feeling of pleasure!

If you are interested in how it works, you should definitely read even more information.

To stimulate the "G-spot" during sex, the best positions for sex are when a woman is sitting on top of a partner or a partner is penetrating a partner from behind. For example, in "dog style" or in the pose of a rider.

However, the vagina should never be too dry. In this case, the "G-spot" sensation usually produces a sensation of urination instead of the desired orgasm. You can solve this problem by encouraging foreplay and lubrication. Sexual positions particularly conducive to G-spot orgasm:

  • The spooning position is good for G-spot stimulation because the partner can easily reach the front of the vagina.
  • In the riding position, a woman sitting on top of her partner can influence the movement and direction of the penis by leaning back slightly. The advantage is that you can determine the G-spot stimulation yourself.
  • The classic missionary position can also facilitate G-spot stimulation in a slightly modified form by pressing her heels against the shoulders of her bending partner.

If you can't reach the G-spot properly with your fingers during sex, there are other aids you can easily fall back on. After all, sex toys can help you achieve a vaginal orgasm. Specialty dildos and vibrators are particularly useful for stimulating the G-spot. They usually have a slight angle and a ribbed surface. This way you can optimally reach the "G-spot" in the vagina. Sex toys are available in many colors, sizes and materials which can be purchased online and in specialty stores. They are easy to integrate into the prelude.

How to find the G-spot in men?

closeness and ji point of a man

Everyone talks about the G-spot in women, but what about men? Do you also have a G-spot, and if so, where exactly and how to skillfully stimulate it? We talk aimlessly about a small but nice hotspot for men.

The G-spot in men exists! And here's how to find it!

The male G-spot is the prostate. This chestnut-sized gland is located below the bladder and plays an important role in the production of ejaculate secretion. Male G-spot stimulation is, in the truest sense of the word, pleasure through the back door. And therein lies the problem for many, because the G-spot in men can only be reached through the anus.

For most men, this part of the body has a rather negative connotation. You think of a digital rectal examination by a urologist and a suspicion of cancer. During this time, however, the number of those in whom the prostate causes positive, or rather pleasant, associations increases.

Many men who have tried it report sensational body sensations and surprisingly powerful orgasms. This subjective feeling seems to be scientifically proven as sex researchers have found that massaging the prostate area mimics all three parts of a male orgasm and at the same time enhances it. The contraction of the ureter as well as the prostate and the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor intensify the sensations even when the man seems far from ejaculating.

The job of the prostate is to create a secret. It is milky to clear in color and when supplemented with semen becomes an ejaculate. The liquid is alkaline, which helps the seeds move. Secrecy is absolutely necessary for fertilization. Without alkaline fluid, sperm have no chance of entering the vagina. The environment here is acidic and will destroy it immediately.

When we talk about the G-spot in men, it is mainly the prostate. However, for this to be stimulated, it is necessary to work with the fingers or with the help of various sex toys. To do this, fingers or toys are inserted into the anus. There you can work with a light massage. This guarantees a special feeling of pleasure.

The stimuli create pulsations in the ureters. The muscles of the prostate contract. As a result, gentle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles begin. For some men, simple stimulation of the prostate provides an orgasm.

This must be taken into account when stimulating men

the images symbolize the excitement of a man during the stimulation of the ji point

Carefully insert fingers or toys into the anus. Slow stretching of the muscle is highly recommended. If a man is uncomfortable, you should take a short break. Stretching is facilitated if the man squeezes slightly as soon as something is inserted.

When using fingers, latex gloves can ensure good hygiene. Objects inserted into the anus should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. You can also wear a condom. This should be supplemented with plenty of lube. The gel makes it easier to insert toys or fingers.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that the objects are not broken, have no corners and therefore cannot cause injury. For the nails, it is important that they are cut short and rounded. There are special sex toys that are suitable for use in the anus.

As with anal intercourse, special care should be taken when inserting fingers or sex toys into the anus. Especially for the first time, you should proceed with special attention to slowly approach the male G-spot. At first, this contact may feel a bit odd until the right spot is found.

Sex toys should also be chosen carefully: they should be thickened at one end so that they cannot enter the intestines. In addition to using silicone or oil-based lubricants, the sphincter should be stretched slightly before use, either with the fingers or with an anal plug. You can also use condoms.

Before and after anal intercourse, inserted fingers or toys - if condoms are not worn - should in any case be thoroughly washed and disinfected to remove intestinal bacteria.

You should check which pose suits you. More similar to lying down with the leg lifted to the side. Sometimes lying on your side or on your back with your legs up can be very comfortable.

Try. Make sure your buttocks and stomach are relaxed. You want to be able to breathe freely and deeply without straining your abdominal muscles.

7 Steps to Unleash Male Pleasure

naked man and g-spot

Step 1: Cool the base (5-10 minutes)

Once you have found a comfortable position, inhale and exhale 10 times in a relaxed manner. As they say, cool your base. This stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, making you even more relaxed.

Your partner may begin to gently caress your body. It's not so much about your butt as long body movements to help you relax.

After a while, he can slowly approach the buttocks. The point here is not to achieve the goal as quickly as possible, but to let a man know his male G-spot.

So take your time! Happy 5-10 minutes.

Step 2: Slippery (5 minutes)

As you get used to stroking your butt, your partner can apply the lube. Yes, it is absolutely necessary!

You can also use a nice slippery oil (like almond oil).

Whatever you choose, now is a good time to put it into play. And it can happen in a playful way. For example, some people really like it when she allows it to slowly drip from a bottle into a man's anus from above.

Very slowly and deliberately. And then slowly wipe the entire rear sight with your hand. Just let her play with it. Don't force yourself to put your finger inside as quickly as possible, but give yourself and your body plenty of time to get used to them and their hands on your butt. This action may also take 5 minutes or more.

Step 3: First contact (5 minutes)

There will come a time for every man at some point when he will have to face the inevitable. In this case, it is a finger slowly trying to overcome the sphincter muscle.

However, that shouldn't be a problem. On the contrary, it can be done very easily and comfortably. If your sphincter is very relaxed, your partner can simply put a finger on it gently and they will find that it is introduced very slowly.

The button technology is also very nice. She leans her thumb against her anus and gently presses it, as if pressing a button.

Believe me, it's very nice, and before you know it, your finger is slipping inside. It can happen that after about 1-2 cm a strong resistance appears. This is the internal sphincter of the buttocks.

While the external sphincter can be affected on purpose by people, the internal sphincter is rarely affected.

It helps to keep applying gentle pressure or stimulating it with gentle crawling motions, which often relaxes it. Sometimes all it takes is getting over a little pressure.

Whatever works for you, be sure to let your partner know. Tell him what you like or how to move on. Don't force yourself, take it all as an exciting journey to male pleasure.

Step 4: Discover the Nut (5 minutes)

At some point your finger overcomes the sphincter, and from then on it's usually very nice and easy. You may still feel a slight pressure at the bottom of your area of use. It's okay, just notice - it will go away with time!

As soon as his finger is 5-7 cm deep inside you and he points his fingers towards the abdominal wall, he will feel a bulge. This is your prostate or his male G-spot.

Okay, here's the thing: for many, touching the prostate didn't immediately become super cool.

This is due to the fact that the bladder sphincter muscles are located on the prostate gland and with external pressure you can feel that you have to go to the toilet.

Therefore, it is also important here to first establish the first contact very carefully. There is great strength in peace!

Step 5: Strawberries

So, mate, your male G-spot is located, first contact has been made, and now it's all about sliding into a hot stream of feelings.

At first, let them move their fingers very gently and slowly. It was as if she were massaging strawberries with her fingertips. With light crawling movements, they pass very carefully along the sensitive surface of the prostate. Depending on this you can also test 2 fingers, but usually one finger is enough at first.

If it happens too quickly and the feelings get too strong, back down. But have the courage to try new things. As a guy, the key is to keep breathing deeply, staying relaxed, and telling your partner what you want.

Step 6: big bath of sensations

Depending on the guy, sometimes it can happen faster and sometimes it takes longer to take advantage of the male G-spot. It usually depends on your ability to relax and turn off the carousel of thoughts.

In any case, at some point, the sensations will be different. . . namely, pretty cool!

Step 7: Gentle retreat

It doesn't matter if you had such a cool feeling or if your experience was more low-key. At some point, there will come a time when you are done with curious fun.

There really isn't much to think about here except that she slowly pulls her finger back. Removing it too quickly can sometimes cause discomfort.

As soon as he gets out, the man really likes her gently stroking his body for a few more minutes. Because you will notice that after such a massage you will be very relaxed and filled with happiness.

When the sphincter is relaxed, our whole body is relaxed.

A few minutes after the massage, tell how it was for you and for her! Because the partner usually worries a lot and can say a lot about what she noticed. Believe me, it's very exciting and will greatly enrich your next journey to the male G-spot.

It was 7 steps. So your male G-spot can be explored in a fun and playful way.